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Global public opinion split on

By: Oxford Internet Institute

In a new study by researchers at the Oxford Internet

How hard will the robots make us

By: Josh Dzieza

In warehouses, call centers, and other sectors

Beyond the Valley: How Innovators

By: Ramesh Srinivasan

In this provocative book, Ramesh Srinivasan describes

Abolish Silicon Valley: How to

By: Wendy Liu

Former insider turned critic Wendy Liu busts the myths

Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing

By: Andrew McAfee

We live in strange times. A machine plays the strategy

Platform Revolution: How Networked

By: Geoffrey G. Parker

Uber. Airbnb. Amazon. Apple. PayPal. All of these

How to Fix the Future: Staying

By: Andrew Keen

From the highly acclaimed author of The Internet

The Wizard and the Prophet: Two

By: Charles C. Mann

In forty years, Earth's population will reach ten billion.

Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism

By: Eric A. Posner

Many blame today's economic inequality, stagnation

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