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Sri lanka’s Digital Economy

The Sri Lankan President’s 2024 Budget speech outlines plans for a “new growth model…based on a digitalised social market economy.” The plan also mentions effective …

Muhammad J Sear

January 13, 2024

AI & Supercomputing

Microsoft and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), part of the US Department of Energy, have made a significant discovery in battery technology using AI and supercomputing.

Muhammad J Sear

January 13, 2024

Latest in Events

9th Smart Cities India Expo

The Smart Cities India expo is a showcase of India’s emerging modernisation and developing landscape. The expo showcases the integration of transformative…

Muhammad J Sear

January 17 - January 19, 2024

Visibility, Endpoint Management and the Future of Cybersecurity

Organizations are grappling with the continued growth and complexity of ransomware and endpoint attacks, while working to protect an increasingly remote workforce…

Muhammad J Sear

January 18, 2024

Latest in Articles

E-stonia News: From Smart IDs on Apple Watch to the greenest digital government

Estonia, also known as E-stonia, has been making headlines again with its cutting-edge tech advancements. Back in 1996, the….

Muhammad J Sear

January 11, 2024

The next frontier: Digital governance trends in 2024 [prediction]

It’s impossible to ignore the seismic shifts shaking up how countries handle governance in 2023. The burning question on everyone’s mind is: What’s next?…

Muhammad J Sear

January 4, 2024

Latest in Interview

Interview of Siim Sikkut former CIO of Estonia

It was a great pleasure to conduct the first ever interview for DigiGov Central with Siim Sikkut, an integral figure in Estonia’s remarkable digital success, co-founded Estonia….

Muhammad J Sear

December 21, 2023

Latest in Stories

An analysis of what should a post-digital government look like?

It’s obvious that governmental operations are swiftly transforming in the wake of AI’s omnipresence.From design to content creation, music…

Muhammad J Sear

December 17, 2023

In Estonia, the phrase ‘small but mighty’ resonates in their digital government transformation

In the European Commission’s 2023 eGovernment Benchmark, there were two names mentioned as leaders. One of them was Estonia. Of course, this is no surprise…

Muhammad J Sear

December 11, 2023

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