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Dark Matter and Trojan Horses: A Strategic

By: Dan Hill

Dark Matter and Trojan Horses: A Strategic Design Vocabulary

Calm Technology: Principles and Patterns

By: Amber Case

How can you design technology that becomes a

Don't Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common

By: Steve Krug

Steve Krug (pronounced "kroog") is best known

The Design of Everyday Things: Revised and

By: Donald Norman

In the book, Norman introduced the term affordance

Good Services: How to Design Services

By: Lou Downe

Service design is a rapidly growing area of interest

Storytelling for User Experience - Crafting

By: Whitney Quesenbery

We all use stories to communicate, explore, persuade, and inspire.

Practical Empathy - For Collaboration

By: Indi Young

Conventional product development focuses on the solution.

This Is Service Design Doing: Applying Service

By: Marc Stickdorn

How can you establish a customer-centric culture in an organization?

This is Service Design Thinking: Basics, Tools

By: Marc Stickdorn

Service design thinking is the designing and marketing of services

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