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Distributed Teams: The Art and Practice

By: John O'Duinn

The world of work is changing. This book will help

People Powered: How Communities

By: Jono Bacon

Communities have been a popular topic since the

Always Day One: How the Tech

By: Alex Kantrowitz

An acclaimed tech reporter reveals the inner workings

Women in Tech: Take Your Career

By: Tarah Wheeler

As the CEO of a startup, Tarah Wheeler is all too

New Power: How Power Works

By: Henry Timms

Why do some leap ahead while others fall behind

Bullshit Jobs: A Theory A Powerful

By: David Graeber

Does your job make a meaningful contribution

Lab Rats: How Silicon Valley Made

By: Dan Lyons

At a time of soaring corporate profits and plenty

Private Government: How Employers

By: Elizabeth Anderson

One in four American workers says their workplace

Creating Great Choices: A Leader's

By: Jennifer Riel

Conventional wisdom and business school curricula

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